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We asked the start-ups in our community what they needed beyond the community and inspiration. They needed master classes from experts who could break it all down for them.
Plywood Master Classes are an opportunity for you to workshop your numbers, your story, and your leadership.


Purchase digital downloads of the 8 Master Class presentations from Plywood Presents 2018 featuring:

Sales 101 - Eric Platte

Learn how to create and maximize your sales strategy

Creative Fundraising - Kirk Brown

Learn how to think outside of the box when it comes to raising funds for your organization

Small Business Finance -Shanna Skidmore

Learn the basics of managing money for your small business, i.e. cash flow, budgets and more

Maximizing Social Media - Branden Harvey

Learn how to make the most of social media to grow your business or brand

Writing Your Story - Amena Brown

Learn how to craft your story in engaging, inviting and community-building ways

Branding Beyond the Logo - Russell Shaw

Learn how to craft a brand that inspires, educates and tells a story

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge - Clay Scroggins

Learn how to take initiative and hone your influence even when you’re not the boss

How to Lead Millennials - Brett Trapp

Learn how to motivate the millenials on your team to make their highest contribution

Self-Leadership - Joy Thigpen 

Learn how to set personal rhythms for rest and work as you lead your business or organization

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